Finetune Desktop

Finetune Desktop 1.0.7

Listen to your favourite artist on the net with Finetune


  • Helps you find music you like
  • Based on Adobe AIR


  • Doesn't have a big user community


If you're a big fan of, then you might like Finetune Desktop because it works in a similar way in helping you discover the kind of music you might like.

However, this is a far more sophisticated affair because it's based on Adobe Air. There's very little to it except to select those artists that you're interested in and Finetune Desktop will guide you to the nearest equivalents or those with similar styles. In addition, you can filter music according to style and genre. The advantage of using AIR is that adobe have moved their product away from the restrictions of Internet Explorer which it was formerly locked to. By using AIR, Adobe have also made this a truly cross platform application. Using AIR also has other advantages - AIR can capture music preferences stored on your desktop such as those of your iTunes library and then feed it into Finetune’s recommendation engine. You are then offered well-matched songs based on artists, genre, and playlists that you already listen to. In addition to helping you find artists that you might like, Finetune Desktop can also stream Mp3's directly from the net.

This is an interesting innovation from Adobe that could prove a worthy competitor to if it gathers a bigger following.

The Finetune Desktop is the ultimate companion to your Finetune profile. With this application, you can listen to user created playlists as well as dynamic playlists dedicated to artists and tags.

Finetune Desktop gives you quick access to your custom playlists and will keep track of your favorite music from Finetune. Jump in and start listening to the soundtrack of your day.

Finetune Desktop


Finetune Desktop 1.0.7

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